Leif Skogberg
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Education - Consultation - Design - Facilitation


Public Speaking & Group Workshops

Education is one of my greatest passions. I love helping companies transform their understanding of natural systems and how to live in harmony with ecological patterns and principles. I deliver, what others describe as, “inspiring, uplifting, and empowering” presentations and classes on a variety of topics ranging from big picture integrated systems design of our built environment to regenerative cultural leadership and holistic health.

Invite your audience and community to a new level of integrated sustainability understanding and insight!



Strategic Solutions & Personalized Guidance

As a senior sustainability consultant, I help my clients analyze their property and organization from an integrated big picture perspective. I help them establish a clear vision of where they want to go and identify their greatest challenges. Together we determine desired goals and outcomes, and implement a step by step plan of how to maximize environmental, social, economic, and individual performance.

Take your organizational mission, purpose, and leadership to the next level. Choose to be extraordinary!



Project Planning & Resilient Development

Every aspect of human life, business, land management, operations, and leadership is a form of design. The difference between unsustainable degenerative design and regenerative design, is whether or not it is conscious, connected, balanced, and functional. I support my clients to envision a future that is in a state of deep coherence, harmony, and alignment with key sustainability values; inside and out.

Put your vision on paper - from pattern to detail, make a plan, and turn your vision into reality!



Organizational Coherence & Team Building

Every team has a different level of synergy and performance based on key indicators, such as trust and communication. Organizations who sincerely work together to create a healthy and thriving human culture understand the importance of how creativity, productivity, and engagement are all directly related to mutual feelings of appreciation, purpose, and support. Whether immersed in a strategic planning process, resolving interpersonal conflict, or enhancing company culture, I support my client’s teams toward continuous improvement, social-emotional intelligence, and authentic bonding that lasts a lifetime.

Maximize your organizational potential with advanced team building skills, trainings, and council facilitation.







Ellenville, NY  -  Holistic Sustainability Consultation, Regenerative Property Design & Development, & Corporate Culture Facilitation (2018 - 2019)


tHE ojai foundation

Ojai, CA - Community Stewardship, Land & Facilities Manager, & Sustainability Program Director (2010 - 2016)


The Hawaiian SANCTUARY

Big Island, HI - Permaculture Educator, Orchard & Garden Manager, & Holistic Sustainability Consultant (January - August 2016)


CITY OF SANTA BARBARA, Environmental Services

Santa Barbara, CA - Recycling Coordinator, Zero Waste Educator & Green Business Program Auditor (2007 - 2010)