Whole SYSTEMS Framework for Restoring Resilience in People & Planet


Appreculture Design is an integrated and regenerative ethical design framework for human systems based on the patterns and principles of ecology, nature, human evolutionary, and the garden of life. It is a whole life design and living tool for increasing awareness of all the circles of life and how to live in right relationship. It emphasizes practices for expanding appreciation to all forms of creation and then making choices and taking acting from a place of gratitude and connection. A key component is the utilization of both ancient wisdom teachings and modern appropriate technologies for inner and outer landscape healing and restoration. This integrated approach for sustainable life design empowers individual humans, businesses, property owners and communities to deeply grow, love, & thrive in all areas of life.

Like Permaculture Design, which is a significant component of Appreculture Design, and used in its creation, Appreculture is a holistic design science that can be utilized and applied at any context, at any scale. It has usefulness in all areas of human reality from personal, political and professional to social, economic and ecological. Appreculture design begins with the recognition that true change begins within, and that when we begin to love and appreciate ourselves, we can do that for the earth and humanity too. When we create inner balance, harmony, and peace, we also contribute to creating it in the world. And, vice versa. When we work to heal nature and community, it brings health and vitality to our lives as well. It is a win-win-win design systems for turning problems and challenges into solution. Therefore, if we consciously work on all spheres of life sustainability proactively, healing accelerates in all areas exponentially.

Appreculture Design was a term and system coined and created in the Fall of 2015 when I was synthesizing my life work and purpose in resilient design, holistic healing and personal development coaching, integrated systems thinking, & planetary sustainability leadership. The term was initially inspired by an apricot tree in a food forest garden in the Ojai Valley of Southern California. I will save this full story for my book, but in essence is rooted in the traditional Chinese meaning of the word apricot, which is associated with "educational medicine and healing circles". This is the underlying energy and intention of Appreculture Design. With thoughtful, compassionate, heart centered, sensible, insightful and integrated thinking and design, we can restore the flow of all the circles of life; natural systems, human systems, financial systems and individual systems. I like to refer to these circles of life in Appreculture Design as the Four Spheres of Sustainability. The E4 & P4: Ecology & Planet; Equity & People; Economy & Purpose; Essence & Personal. 

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Rainwater harvesting earthworks off road at the top of The Ojai Foundation Land Sanctuary. Ojai, Southern California.

appreciation + culture + Design


Appreculture is about creating a socially, ecologically and economically appropriate culture of regenerative and sustainable growth, universal gratitude for all of life on Earth and sincere compassion for all of creation. A culture where people appreciate natural systems (minerals, plants, animals and humans), global human diversity and the day-to-day challenge of the human journey. The goal is to collaboratively design and build a culture and society that is conscious, regenerative and life affirming.

Appreculture is based on ancient perennial patterns of wisdom and understanding, as well as modern innovations in the science fields of brain biology, psychology, health and well being, Permaculture Design, community building, and ecological restoration. Appreculture ties together all spheres of sustainability and the elements of life on earth for an integrated and holistic way of seeing, living and being.


Seven Codes of Coherence


1. Context - What is the situation details of the system being designed and what are the various component parts?

2. Curiosity - Willingness to learn new information, to see things with new eyes, to change ideas and beliefs, and to grow in awareness and understanding?

3. Communication - Which pattern language are we speaking, observing, and interpreting? what is the method of listening how to we really hear?

4. Connection - How do we restore the flow between living things? How do improve circulation?

5. Consciousness - What is real in the here and now? What is past? What is present? What is the vision for the future and what do we stand for?

6. Compassion - How can we care for all living beings now and into the future? How can we see that every person and ever living thing has a purpose?

7. Collaboration - What is the best way to work together with all the aspects of the design for the most synergy and for the most benefit to all?


Sacred geometry ceiling and skylight at the Hummingbird Community. Outside Taos, New Mexico.



Ethics & Elements of Appreculture Design



1. Care of Earth: Ecology - Planet

2. Care of Humanity: Equity - People

3. Care of Future: Economy - Profession

4. Care of Self: Essence - Personal

5. Care of Universe: Existence - Paradigm



1. Earth: Solids: Physical/Structural Body

2. Water: Fluids: Emotional/Soul Body

3. Fire: Plasma: Energetic/Spiritual Body

4. Air: Gaseous: Mental/Intellectual Body