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Holistic Sustainability Framework

“Appreculture” (or “Appreculture Design”) is a holistic sustainability framework and integrated design system based on the patterns and principles of nature. It was gifted to me by the Universe to help humanity live in harmony. It is based on the practice of building A NEW EARTH by “cultivating appreciation and by using appropriate design” in our hearts, minds and actions as we work to make the world healthier, sustainable and more beautiful. It is a simple yet powerful process for how we can consciously and intentionally operate in a holistic way. After I coined the term "Appreculture” in the Fall of 2015, I started the Appreculture Design Institute, LLC to provide high-quality professional training, consultation, leadership and design to my clients and students across the United States and beyond.

Where did Appreculture come from?
Well, it emerged from within. I was asking the universe to guide me toward the most healing solutions to humanities problems. I was guided to appreciation and appropriate culture design; the core inspiration for Appreculture. There is also a story. I received an affirmation from an old apricot tree about the importance of the prefix “APPRE-” or “APRI-”. I was cutting and carving some apricot wood from a old tree that had recently died in a drought and I was reflecting on the beauty and wisdom it contained. The beautiful glowing wood grains. The perfectly defined and aesthetically pleasing concentric growth rings. It inspired me and made me wonder about the symbolic meaning of the wood and the word “apricot”. I looked up the meaning in latin and greek and found nothing of relevance. Then, remembering apricots actually originated in the Middle East and parts of Asia, I looked up the meaning in Mandarin.

The word “Apricot" in Chinese Mandarin characters, directly translated to "healing circles" and is also associated with the meaning "educational medicine” or “educational circle”. The phrase “expert of the apricot grove” is still used to this day in Asia, and other areas, as a poetic reference to healers and physicians. This Chinese meaning references the literal medicinal properties of apricot fruit (and apricot kernels) but the reference was also traced back to a philosophers story of Confucius always teaching his students in a circle located within an apricot grove.

Therefore, along with "appreciation and appropriate design" this Chinese meaning of the prefix “apri-” and “healing circles” is really the essence and intention of Appreculture. To heal and restore the circle and circles of life, inside and out. With educational medicine, applied integrated design, and massive transformational action.

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